Your POS could probably serve you better

Your POS could probably serve you better

Chances are, as long as your POS system isn’t breaking all the time, it’s working fine for you.

But is it actively improving your bottom line?

Wish you had a better way to track inventory across all your stores? Want to know more about your customers’ behavior so you can make more sales? Frustrated by shoplifters? Interested in moving into online ordering?

Your POS system can help you in all of those areas. Here’s how.

Track inventory

A POS system takes the guesswork out of which products are selling and which products need some attention. Inventory management data allows you to see which products are flying off the shelves, as well as the status of your inventory.

If you own multiple locations, an inventory management system allows you to see which locations need more product. It will also help you learn which products sell better at each location so that you can stock accordingly.

Learn more about your customers’ behavior

What do your customers prefer to buy at your store? Is there a particular product that many customers return? A state of the art retail POS can answer these questions. It also can allow you to better market to your customers with coupons and promotions that are tailored to their needs.

Analytics don’t just tell you about the products. They tell you about the customers that are regularly shopping at your store.

Prevent theft

Even for small retail stores, theft is a constant concern. Are customers shoplifting? Are your employees taking money from the till? A high-tech retail POS system can integrate transactions with surveillance cameras on your property. This allows you to see what was going on when something abnormal happened at the checkout.

Inventory management can also help you detect theft. This POS integration can detect suspicious patterns of inventory that goes missing.

Allow online ordering

Like it or not, more and more people are ordering products online. Your customers enjoy convenience, and nothing is more convenient than ordering from the comfort of your own home. A modern POS system can integrate online ordering with your inventory management and payment processing.

A system like this will help you avoid confusion when processing online orders compared to those items that are bought at the register.

Do you want to take your store’s performance to the next level?

Clear Solutions can set up all of the integrations needed for these improvements. We can also bundle this with standard IT services to save your business money on the technology that you need in place.

We’d love to hear more about your needs. Contact Clear Solutions today for more information.

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