Online Ordering is Gaining Popularity

Restaurants of all sizes are turning to online ordering systems that make it easy for customers to find your menu and order with a simple, sophisticated, user interface. Through your mobile app. Through your website. Through Facebook. Your menu. Just a simple click (or tap) away.

Having an up-to-date POS system can make life easier for you, your staff, and your customers. Have you ever thought about how much time your staff loses every time they take an order over the phone. How many mistakes are made because it was to difficult to hear the customer placing their order? Online ordering not only increases the amount of time your staff has to focus on your customers inside the store, it also increase accuracy, reduces food costs and the customers overall experience and impression of your dining establishment.

The popularity of online ordering is only increasing especially if you have children and rarely can find the time to cook at home. Whether you run a pizza kitchen or a diner that offers carryout, customers enjoy ordering from their smartphone without having to talk to anybody.

Today’s POS systems allow online ordering to tie into your payment processing and inventory management systems or operate as a stand alone service. Additionally, easy online ordering will earn your restaurant a good reputation with this generation of tech-savvy customers. Some of the key features that come with our online ordering platform include:

Catering for Delivery
Food Photos
Order From The Table
Email Order Notification
Order My Usual
Order From My History
Custom Apps
Pizza Module (build your own right/left halves & whole)
Wait Time Management
Nested Choice Sets
Customized Reporting
Customizable Delivery Platform & Mobile Responsive Web
Catering for Pick-Up
Automated Menu Sync
Print Order Directly to Kitchen
Store Credit Cards
Customizable Ordering Page
Enterprise Menu Management
Offline Order Notification
Load Balancing

Clear Solutions customizes point of sale solutions to your business needs

The options above are only a few ways that a modern restaurant POS system can make life easier on you and your customers. Give us a call to let us know what you need, and we can tailor a POS solution to your needs.

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