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Tablet Point of Sale

Why Choose Us?

We have made a business in locally supporting business technology. We program, train, install, and support your system. After we complete an in person installation of the system we spend your "go-live" day with your team to ensure you and your customers have the best experience possible. 

Custom Programming

From menu to to inventory your dedicated client support rep will work with you and your team to ensure we have all the information we need  custom program your entire system and tailor it for your success. 

On-Site Installation

Our professional and highly trained technicians will bring your equipment to your business to ensure the system is accurate and ready for daily operation. 

Training & Support

There are many phases to our training plan to ensure you have the ability to master each section of the system.  We are available 24/7 with phone and remote access support.  Local technicians are available to help with uncommon issues that arise. 

Awesome Features

Reliable, Scaleable, and Easy to Use.

  • Server Table Layout

    The amount of information that is available at a glance is impressive.

  • Order Screen

    Efficiency and Easy of Use was the main focus of this screen.

  • Versatile Server Options

    Adapting to unique orders and custom is fast and accurate.

enterprise menu with photos
Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 12.47.26 AM
  • Online Ordering

    Your customers can order from your website or our mobile app.  The completed order will go to the kitchen printer and/order the kitchen displays. Say goodbye to third party online ordering services. 

  • Digital Menu Boards

    Make on the fly changes to your menu directly from the point of sale system.  

  • SMS Delivery Assignment

    Assign orders to your Drivers and SMS their Destinations, Orders can also be stored for Future Dates and Times.

How it Helps

Login Screen

A. Employee Usernames

B. Employee Passwords

C. Your Company Logo

D. Reporting Access

E. Management Tools

F. Training Mode For New Staff

G. Easy Access Manual

Server Table Layout

This screen allows you to know the status of all of your customers and employees at a glance.

  • Easy access to Pick-up, Delivery, Waitlist and Reservations
  • Ability to turn a guest at the bar into a roamer while they wait to transfer their tab to a table.
  • Course stage flags helping you know what stage of the meal each table is at.
  • Table timers to accurately determine wait times
  • Joining tables together couldn't be easier.
  • Spray bottle icon shows what tables are ready to be bussed.

Order Screen

Easy to Use Tool Bar, Top and Bottom

Multi-Select Items

Seat Numbers

Simple to Use Coursing

Quantity Multiplier Bar

Clean Categories Section

Custom Colored Buttons

Versatile Server Options

Search Open/Closed Invoices and Products

Review 86’d Items

See Product Countdown

Clock In/Out

Split Checks/Join Tickets

Delay Items to Kitchen

Tabs with Credit Card Capture

Split Tickets/Move Ticktes

Easy to Use Up and Down Toggles or Just Touch the Item.

Divide The cost of an Item Between 2 Customers or All of Them

Merge an Item Back to a Ticket

Add Another Ticket

Auto Order the Tickets

Open The Ticket in the Order Screen

Close the Ticket Out

Customizable Quick Tender Buttons

Easy Tab Lookup

1/X Amount Function

Easily Adjust Tax Charges

Countless memories are made in dining establishments.  Our customer profile keeps you connected with the things that matter most to the people that dine with you.

  • Add Emails and/or Phone Numbers For Built In Emailing And SMS
  • Add Their Photo
  • Attach an Address For Delivery Recall
  • Add Birthdays and Anniversary's

Enter Tips

Server Cash Out

Terminal Cash Out

Servers Can Review Their Personal Reports

Mark Tables That Need Bussing

Mark Tables Clean

Group Tables together

Ungroup Tables

Add Reservations

Add Walk-in Customers

  • Take Reservations Directly on the System or Online
  • Send Customers Reminders Via Email or SMS
  • Take Notes, Add the Party Size, Select Durations, Block Off Seating
  • Take Reservations Directly on the System or Online
  • Send Customers Reminders Via Email or SMS
  • Take Notes, Add the Party Size, Select Durations, Block Off Seating

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