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Order Screen (food service)

  • Shows all departments and menu items
  • Quick access to open checks
  • Managers can access reports and setup directly from here
  • Customizable button size makes visibility easy for all users
  • Comes with stock images but custom images can easily be added
  • Quick tender button allows you to close sales from this screen.

Payment Screen

  • Take payments and apply discounts
  • Multiple payment methods accepted ie. Cash, all credit cards, Gift cert., Store credit, on account...
  • Split payments on a single check
  • Split checks equally or by item
  • Clearly shows change due

Split Receipt

  • Simply tap on an item to move it to the new receipt
  • Directly closeout receipt or print for presentation to guest
  • No limit on the number of splits

Item Modification Screen

  • Set item price
  • Set modifiers and supplements Add custom image
  • Modify print locations
  • Set stock control
  • Item can easily be 86’d
  • Record barcode for scanning

Price Level Management

  • Price levels allow you to quickly change the price of all items
  • A different price level can be set to each area of the restaurant

Taxes Setup


  • Unlimited number of taxes and price levels
  • Multiple types of taxes are supported, including grouped taxes


Both modifiers and supplements can be added to any item, at any time


Supplements can add costs and be tracked in inventory

Prep Areas Management

  • Support up to 6 different remote printers
  • Items can be routed to any of the printers, e.g. drinks automatically go to the bar, desserts go to Cold Line, steaks go to Hot Line, all items go to Expo...
  • Items can also be sent to multiple printers e.g. “Steak w/ Salad” can print at Hot and Cold printer


  • Packs are customizable menu items that guide your choices
  • This can be used for “Course” style ordering, Value or Happy Meals, set menus for events or catering...

Item Matrix

  • Item Matrix allows you to setup one item with multiple variations e.g. Nike Air Jordan red/white size 3-14 or NorthFace Beanie all sizes and colors
  • The item has one barcode with a suffix that denominates the variation e.g. Barcode 1234563LB would be Large and Blue, 1234563SR would be Small and Red
  • Perfect for full retail or hospitality with retail items

Tip Editing

  • Add all tips at end of day or on the fly
  • Credit card tips can be turned off for retail, or enabled for table/quick service


  • 20+ different standard reports; including item, hour, user, and department
  • Custom date ranges, including All Time, Month, Day or by Year
  • All reports can use custom data filters
  • All can be exported to Excel, PDF or directly printed
  • Built in 3D graphing function, with multiple types of graphs... bar, pie, line, comparisons...

Table View

  • Can see which tables are open by a change in color
  • Transfer a check from one table to another even to a different area e.g. Move from a seat at the bar to a table in the patio
  • Merge checks from different tables together
  • Also supports tabs for bar environment
  • Layout can be customized and changed easily with built in graphics

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